100 Club Rules


  1. For a quarterly (£15) or annual (£60) membership fee, members of the club are allocated one number between 1 and 100.
  2. Members may have up to 5 numbers and subscriptions must be paid in advance by quarterly or annual standing order.
  3. The draw will take place monthly, with an extra Christmas Bonus Draw in December
  4. 12 Monthly Draws
    • 1st Prize £75
    • 2nd Prize £50
    • 3rd Prize £25
  5. All monthly draws will take place during the first week of each month for the previous month e.g. the January draw will take place in the 1st week of February.
  6. Christmas Bonus Draw. £250 The Christmas Bonus draw will take place in the 1st week of December with one prize only.
  7. The draws will take place in the presence of or via video link of at least 1 witness, who will be an officer of an Association, a borough council or parish councillor. The winning numbers will be posted on the Kirklees Conservatives website.
  8. A winning number will only be eligible for prize money if the annual membership fee has been received.
  9. There will be no rollovers.
  10. If a winner cannot be contacted or found, any prize monies will be held in trust for the recipient in the Kirklees Conservative 100 Club Bank account for a period of 6 months. After which, it will be deemed to be a donation to the Kirklees Conservatives group.
  11. Prize monies will be credited electronically to members’ bank accounts.
  12. The 100 Club is open to all Conservative Party members and supporters of the Conservative Party. All members must be over the age of 16. To ensure compliance with legislation members are required to supply their date of birth and proof of age may be requested.
  13. In accordance with regulations, a minimum of 20% of the proceeds will go to the Kirklees Conservative group.
  14. Kirklees Conservatives hold a small society lottery licence, number SL01007, with the Kirklees Council.
  15. The 100 Club is run by Kirklees Conservatives. In the case of any dispute, the decision of the Group Leader is final.
  16. If fewer than 100 entries are received, the prize allocations will be reduced by 50%.
  17. If more than 100 entries are received, the promoter will revise the prize fund and distribution, and this will be notified by adjusting these terms and conditions
  18. The data you provide will be retained by the Conservative Party and Kirklees Conservatives in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act and related legislation. By providing your data to us, you are consenting to the data holders contacting you in the future by telephone, text or other means, even though you may be registered with the Telephone Preference Service. Your data will not be sold or given to anyone not connected to the Conservative Party.
  19. Under the Political Party Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA), you must be on the UK Electoral Register, excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, to donate more than £500. If you donate more than £1,500 to the Party, we are obliged under the PPERA to report such a donation to the Electoral Commission who will publish the fact that you have donated over £1,500. For more information, please see www.electoralcomission.gov.uk
  20. The first draw will begin when we have reached 30 tickets sold.

Last update, 15th May 2024

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